Apartment Buildings & Public Buildings

MMK offers its clients (property owners, property managers and private housing cooperatives) competence and experience within radon and gamma radiation problem.
MMK is always oriented to client´s and object´s benefit which means that the property´s total economy is in focus.
The remedial work should not result in unnecessary heating costs, noise or traction problems during or after completion.
MMK always offers quoting with fixed prices and guarantee.

MMK offers;
– All forms of radon measurements in all forms, short term, annual average and integrated measurements.
– Radon investigation
– Radon engineering
– Radon remediation contract with radon guarantee

Tunnels, Caverns & Mines

MMK perform ionizing radiation control (Radon & Gamma radiation) of underground workplaces as tunnels, caverns and mines.

Apartment Buildings & Public buildings

MMK offers all property owners, property managers and private housing cooperatives our competence and knowledge within radon and gamma radiation problem fields.


MMK offers to be available to the client’s as an expert during the construction. MMK aids in all or parts of the construction process, as required by the client.