Tunnels, Caverns & Mines

MMK performs measurements of ionizing radiation (Radon & Gamma radiation) in underground workplaces such as tunnels, caverns and mines.

MMK assists with calculations of the workers annual dose based on work time and exposure in accordance to the demands of the new Radiation Protection Act, Euratom Directive 2013/59 and the regulations from the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Virgin Soil
MMK performs radon mapping (radon prone areas mapping) and classification of ground and top soil in categories low-, normal- and high radon risk.
MMK offers its clients expert competence for choice of radon remediation measures and support in material choice at construction site.

Tunnels, Caverns & Mines

MMK perform ionizing radiation control (Radon & Gamma radiation) of underground workplaces as tunnels, caverns and mines.

Apartment Buildings & Public buildings

MMK offers all property owners, property managers and private housing cooperatives our competence and knowledge within radon and gamma radiation problem fields.


MMK offers to be available to the client’s as an expert during the construction. MMK aids in all or parts of the construction process, as required by the client.